Lion's Gate Portal

What is the

Explore the transformative power of the Lion’s Gate Portal, understand its astrological significance, harness its potent energy for spiritual growth, and learn effective rituals and practices you can try.

Every year, a cosmic event offers us a unique opportunity to align ourselves with a higher state of consciousness: the Lion’s Gate Portal. 

What is the 8-8 Portal?

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a period of increased cosmic energy that is influenced by the alignment of the Earth with the Sirius star, during Leo Season.

What is the 8-8 Portal?


Powerful things you can do, during the 8-8 Portal

Work with crystals to amplify the energy of the 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal



Journaling can help you identify how you want to grow and where to focus 



Meditate and visualize what you want: feel into how you'd feel, if the outcome was real



Get all the details, plus tips and guidance on harnessing the transformative energy of the 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal

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